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International Exchange

At the core of our growth algorithms is small business and community agreement.  The Council Exchange Board of Trade represents 65,000 U.S. minority technology companies and as a non-stock research trade association our stakeholder engagements allow for consensus building and partnerships that aim to leverage this $100 Billion industry sector.

The CEBOTWorld team influences and monitors both direct investments in 20 regions across the U.S. and contracts/tenders from key strategic countries around the world.   Investment strategies are sourced from an international portfolio of investors, countries, and corporate foundations with a particular interest in social impact goals reporting and public infrastructure projects that enhance the lifestyle of community participants.

Capital investment transactions, particularly from multinational corporations or high net worth individuals can create important economic change in communities of need.    CEBOTWorld champions community engagement and workforce readiness to ensure our regional strategies are equitable to all stakeholders.

CEBOT members are encouraged to coordinate resources to create better opportunities for international contract acquisition success, particularly with public sector procurements.    

International Exchange

Stronger Building Together

Coordinating resources for in-country project implementation, particularly large projects, require a systems process.  Community endorsed infrastructure projects are complex and engaging.  Coordinating suppliers and buyers in an inclusive manner has the benefit of innovation and creates an ecosystem that serves a greater good.

Smart Contracts and Award Management for Measuring and Rewarding Teaming and Joint Venture Performance.  Research the link below to discover how teaming can build global opportunities for small business and communities.

Unlocking Our Human Potential

Innovation in Motion is part of an industry focused, design based, applied research framework that studies how best systems connect and improve in public good ecosystems.

Workforce systems are best envisioned with stakeholders including employers. Industry allows for multiple businesses and community partners, all sharing in the outcomes.

Design Based Research Initiative

The CEBOT Enterprise builds on the following United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals; 4-Quality Education, 8-Good Jobs and Economic Growth, 9-Innovation and Infrastructure, and 17-Partnerships for the Goals.  

This frames a community plan of action for people, prosperity and community preparation for a more resilient world economy.  

As a new global industry force we are determined to ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with the needs of the individual and the needs of the communities we serve.

Council Exchange Board of Trade

Sustainable Development Goals 2019-2026

Stronger Together


Council Exchange Board of Trade

International HUB Team

Canada represents a strategic center for international exchange and commerce for the Minority Technology Industry

Grant Sojnocki
International Senior Fellow

Karl Cureton, Executive Chairman

Rad Dockery
International Senior Fellow

"Building international relationships with family and friends breeds trust.  Industry can help build a network from the power of culture

Opportunity has created a common connection point our 65,000 U.S. companies can reach and create prosperity.  Building a regional workforce solution abroad should start with our largest trading partner."

"Innovation knows no geographic boundaries. People of courage and integrity can come together to transform our economy and our capacity to create bridges by extending our hand in agreement."

"The promise of a global economy has passed and we now find ourselves connected in every way.  Technology does more than connect opportunity to skill, it is also a tool for democracy and a leverage towards peace and growth."

Our international program development includes evidence based approaches like applying the Strategic Prevention Framework (often used for substance abuse) to Global Resilience Training and Technical Assistance.

SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework

Economic Inclusion is both a moral imperative and a driving force towards community resilience.  The utilization of a prevention framework to create and sustain change requires collaboration, analysis, capacity, planing and prioritization of strategies and action plans. 

Building a credible process requires relevancy and cultural competence.  Building consensus and solidarity among community leaders and influences is the first step of many when considering and sustaining trust and fidelity in community planning, particularly when racial or economic barriers are working to mitigage success.  

Executive Office

As our Members invest their time and money in the principle based funds programs and initiatives there will be both risks and opportunities to monitor, manage or mitigate.  Our joint capacity and desire for community growth is worth protecting.

Lorne Joseph

Chief Risk Officer

"People matter and systems need to abide by our human capacity for good will and God given ability to shine bright and make a difference.  The years of team and program development is now a strategic resource for our nation."

Brenda Cureton



Building Trusted Networks

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